Full page is $200.00
1/2 page is $100.00

Black and White:
Full page:  $125.00
1/2 page:  $65.00

Color Index Tabs:  $300.00

These prices do not include inside front, inside back, or back cover pages.  The back cover page is auctioned at our annual meeting at the OFMA convention in January.  Please contact the GOSA office for advertising specifications (size and format of submissions).  Advertising must placed and paid in full by January 15 each year to be included in the spring publication.

We publish six newsletters per year, currently, and offer advertising space in each.  The newsletter moved to digital format in 2016.  This allows our advertisers to have clickable links to their website or email contact information within the newsletter.

Price is per newsletter issue:
–Full page is $150
–1/2 page is $85
–1/4 page is $55
–1/8 page is $35
–plus $15 for each photo

Advertising will be billed at the publication of the first newsletter in the series beginning each fall.  A 15% discount will be offered to any advertiser who submits full payment for the season’s issues by January 1.

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